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    We specialize in new construction, for more than 20 years we have been dedicated to the construction industry and the development of real estate projects.

    Investing in a property is much more than a needs-based transaction, it is a careful process in which important decisions must be made and our job is to make sure you make the right ones.

    Real Estate has been generating different types of rentability for its investors along the years: not only due to the price rise or revaluation of real estate, but also thanks to buying and renovating and selling again.

    Buying for renting afterwards  (Rental Income)

    Another way of investing in real estate is by Rental Incoming, which means buying a property to rent it. This type of inversion can be the perfect strategy to gain benefits and obtain long term rentability. If it’s correctly executed , it could be escalated and you could have multiple properties for rent.

    Buying  Estates to reform and sell.

    Another method of Real Estate investment is by buying properties to reform and then sell. In this type of business, time is key, not only in the research of properties but also to project the reform, carrying it out and finally placing the property in the market for its selling.

    Short term renting.

    Other Real Estate inversion method is by short term renting. The great advantage of this type of inversion is that is a great way of generating high profits in a short term period. This has become convenient because in the last few years it has become a trend to rent a property when you travel, instead of paying for a hotel.

    Investing in Real Estate with commercial aims.

    Another option would be to, instead of investing in residencial homes for renting them, to invest in commercial premises , offices or  industrial or logistic ships.

    If you want to know where to invest, in what and how? Call us.